Pat Hickey is deeply rooted in public service and family tradition. Pat’s uncle, John, and grandfather, Patrick, served as Democratic State Reps. Because of their working-class backgrounds as pipefitters, they always made working class people their number one priority and Pat will strive do the same.

Like many St. Louis families, Pat’s family was rooted right here in the city before using the GI Bill to move into the County in the 1950’s. Growing up, Pat and his mother would visit his Grandmother in Tower Grove South to take her to the grocery store. His family took pride in their city roots and instilled in Pat this same proud tradition.


When Pat and his wife Angie married At St. Xavier, they knew their home was here in the city and purchased their first house in the 10th Ward, where they have two dogs — Poppy and Lia.


Pat is a fourth-generation pipefitter working for Murphy Mechanical on their Computer Animated Design team. He is a student at University of Missouri - St. Louis, where he will complete a degree in Public Administration.


Pat is running because he wants a safer, smarter, and brighter St. Louis to pass on to the next generation.

Paid for by Hickey for St Louis, Nicole Martine, Treasurer