Proactive Public Safety: Focus resources on prosecuting violent crimes, reducing recidivism, and supporting our police officers with modernized equipment including upgraded communications technology linked to the Real-time Crime Center and body cams.

“For decades, the public standard of public safety in St. Louis has stagnated. We must adopt new, real-world strategies for reducing gun violence, addressing poverty, and supporting our police.”

Focus resources on prosecuting violent criminals: In any given year, between 20-40% of violent crimes committed in the City of St. Louis go ‘uncleared,’ meaning that the perpetrator was never identified. Even fewer violent crimes are prosecuted.  Many of those perpetrators remain on the streets, free to commit more violent crimes. The police and the prosecutors office simply lack the resources needed to pursue these violent felons. I will work to shift resources away from non-violent enforcement and toward solving and prosecuting violent crimes.

Resources for reducing recidivism and supporting at-risk young people: Crime can be a symptom of poverty and is often the result of a lack of options.  The research shows that when communities invest in working training and support networks for individuals recently released, those communities see crime rates plummet. Similarly, youth programs focused on at-risk communities and children with incarcerated parents have been shown to decrease both drop-out rates and involvement with the criminal justice system. It’s time to get smart about crime prevention. I will work to obtain federal grants and state appropriations to stop crime before it starts.

Support our police with modernized safety equipment for officers including upgraded communications technology and body cameras. Our newly-installed Real-Time Crime Center is a tremendous tool that is already paying dividends for crime prevention in St. Louis. But, the Crime Center needs input from each neighborhood. I will work to secure funding to install more security cameras in public areas to assist the Crime Center in preventing crime and identifying suspects.  Similarly, Police-Worn Body Cameras have reduced both complaints against officers and frivolous lawsuits against police departments all over the country. Major cities like Philadelphia and San Diego have seen such law suits reduced by almost half, saving those cities millions of dollars and improving trust between the community and police.

Strategic Economic Development: Developing a single, long-term plan for keeping jobs and families in the city.  Emphasizing union labor, minority inclusion, and workforce readiness in schools. Smarter citywide policies for environmentally and economically sustainable development.

“Moving forward together…”

The City currently has no universally-recognized, cohesive plan for economic development. Individual wards and neighborhoods are often pitted against each other at City Hall for infrastructure projects and employment opportunities. We need to eliminate this inefficiency with a unified plan for the future.

Centralized Planning: Infrastructure projects and utilities maintenance work are an important part of a coordinated economic development plan and they require modern logistics management to stay on schedule and in budget. The city can reduce delays and save taxpayer dollars with a Centralized Planning strategy.

A strategic approach requires tangible goals for workforce development emphasizing union labor, minority inclusion, and workforce readiness in schools.  Common-sense planning also requires upgraded new construction guidelines to reduce the cost of utilities and promote environmental sustainability, saving money now, and in the future.

Transparent and Accountable Government: Taxing districts that work for the taxpayers and the community, not just special interests. Modernizing services to cover the basics: Smarter traffic management and improved trash pickup.

In St. Louis, ‘Alderman’ is a full-time job.  I intend to take the responsibilities of the job seriously. But I also intend to make the work of the job seriously: Constituent Services will be my top priority as your elected representative.”

Taxing districts that work for the taxpayers and the community, not just special interests.

Bring City Hall into the 20th century with online services and automated systems for tax filing, document recovery, and parking.

Before looking toward the future, our City
needs to catch up by covering some of the basics: reliable trash service, smarter traffic management, and safer roads.

Participatory government: Constituents deserve to know what’s going on in City Hall.  Our current Alderman has no official social media presence and rarely holds town halls about the practical issues facing the ward.  I pledge to involve constituents at every turn, and to hear your input on every major decision.

Paid for by Hickey for St Louis, Nicole Martine, Treasurer